The Lone Bellow

577945_306146779504503_913128390_nSo a few years ago I stumbled upon an album on NoiseTrade. It was Story Time by Zach Williams and after downloading, I quickly fell in love. I showed everybody the album and to this day I consider this my greatest find on NoiseTrade. Sometime last year, I found out Zach Williams and The Bellow were having a Kickstarter campaign to help record a new album. Without hesitation, I gave them $10 so I could have the album as soon as it was released. Nearing the end of the year, they changed their name to The Lone Bellow and announced the new album would be released in January of 2013. Yes, please.

That history told, their self-titled album was released today and it is a beautiful thing. The melodies, the harmonies, the folk instrumentation, the South-meets-New York feeling, it’s all perfect. Let me see what videos are on the interwebs because nothing I could say does this band justice…

Here’s an incredibly touching live performance of You Never Need Nobody:

Alright, now walk through the snow with Zach in Two Sides of Lonely:

Okay, okay. Enough. Click on the album cover at the beginning of this post and BUY. IT. NOW.

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