100 Greatest Novels: Tender is the Night

Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald Being a fan of Fitzgerald, I was excited about reading this novel for the first time.┬áTender is the Night was his fourth and final novel, published in 1934. The story arch of the novel follows his life during the writing. When he first started the novel, before […]

100 Greatest Novels: The Wings of the Dove & The Ambassadors

It’s been incredibly too long since my last 100 greatest novels post. I sincerely apologize. But, Henry James! I struggled to get through these two books. The sentences were incredibly way too long. Each sentence had a minimum of a dozen commas, two semicolons, and at least one dash. Seriously. Anyways, let’s get through it. […]

The Awesomeness that is Kiva.org

Hello friends. I know I spend a lot of time and words on books and music and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on them. But another thing that is dear to my heart is helping those that are less fortunate than us. Any of you reading this are beyond blessed. You have shelter, […]

Pop Goes the Music

Throughout history, popular music has existed as different genres of music that “have popular appeal.” This has always been short, simple, and easily digestible music that can be sold to and memorized by the masses. Usually, pop music has a derogatory connotation to those that write, study, and play more serious types of music. Every […]