100 Greatest Novels: Ulysses

I finished reading Ulysses over the weekend. And I fell in love with the novel. Everybody might not be familiar with Ulysses so let me first tell you what the novel is and what reading it entails and then I’ll explain why I loved it and why you should read it too. Ulysses is a novel by the […]

What Can You Say?

I just met a holocaust survivor. Pretty surreal. What do you say to a man who has seen so much, who has experienced such horror? What could I say? “I’m sorry” just doesn’t seem sufficient. I wanted to express my sense of loss. I wanted to let him know that I’ll never forget what happened. […]

Derek Webb – Ctrl

Derek Webb released his new album this week. It’s titled Ctrl and I’m really enjoying it. The album isn’t like any of his other stuff (whether you prefer the country, folk, rock, electronic, or instrumental manifestation of DW). Ctrl does have electronic elements but also has live drums. The main instrument of the album is […]

Kafka on Reading

I’m always asked why I read depressing books. Why would I read about the holocaust? Why would I want to read stories that make you cry? I was never able to answer these questions. I have always been drawn to darker literature. Anyways, I found this quote that explains it way better than I ever […]