Non-fiction? More like Non-interesting!

For the last year or so I have been predominantly reading fiction. I’m not really sure why. Traditionally, I prefer a well written historical book over a fictional novel. The characters are more believable (because they’re real) and there’s plenty of crazy shit in our history as humans to talk about that we don’t necessarily […]

Favorite Albums of 2011

Here’s my list for 2011. Notice the title says “Favorite” and not “Best.” I don’t think I (or anybody) can make that much of a statement about something as subjective as music. I also think albums being “better” than others doesn’t always mean they’ll be more of a favorite of mine. My definition of favorite […]

Review of Bloodlines by Keith Cockrell

Bloodlines by Keith Cockrell is an exhilarating read. Shannon is a graduate student wanting to excavate some portions of an old fort. An uncertain image of a child disappearing into a tree throws Shannon into the middle of a decades long mass murderer’s web of interlocking disappearances, deaths, family histories, romances, and racial tensions. Cockrell does […]