Through the years I have played in and recorded with a few bands and artist. I figured I could collect all the albums that are floating around with my playing on it.

The Loch

In 2008, after recently joining the Loch, we released an EP titled “Leap Year: A Supplement to February” and you can purchase it on iTunes for $4.95.

In 2010, we released our second full length album titled “No Love. No War. November.” We recorded the record a year or so before and weren’t an active band anymore so we just put the album on NoiseTrade for free.

Mex, Max, and Car

I’ve been playing music with William Gragg since my junior year in high school (2005 or so). We’ve been in a few bands together and have worked on numerous projects. In 2010, we recorded some music we had been working on, named our band Mex, Max, and Car, and put the album on NoiseTrade for free.

Client State

Going a little farther back, I was in this band with William Gragg singing. Our 3-track EP from 2007 wasn’t ever released digitally but you can hear all the songs on our old Myspace page. Seriously. It’s still up.

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