Now this combination might sound strange. But don’t knock it until you give it a chance. Greater things have come from weirder combinations. Let’s start off with the singer of the punk band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong. He finds an old vinyl by the Everly Brothers of them covering traditional folk and countries song […]

Pop Goes the Music

Throughout history, popular music has existed as different genres of music that “have popular appeal.” This has always been short, simple, and easily digestible music that can be sold to and memorized by the masses. Usually, pop music has a derogatory connotation to those that write, study, and play more serious types of music. Every […]

Hijo del Rio – National Parks

Imagine this: you’re taking a hike up a mountain in Oregon. You get to the top to find a beautiful panorama of the Columbia River, Washington State, and miles of forest. While you’re enjoying the view and the solitude, you hear something that sounds like an acoustic guitar. On the other side of the peak […]

Dark Side of the Moon Day

One day during my junior year of high school I noticed that way more people than usual were wearing DSOTM shirts. Multiple friends and many others had the prism on a black shirt as if we called each other and planned to coordinate this coincidence. From that came the completely made up holiday: Dark Side […]

The Lone Bellow

So a few years ago I stumbled upon an album on NoiseTrade. It was Story Time by Zach Williams and after downloading, I quickly fell in love. I showed everybody the album and to this day I consider this my greatest find on NoiseTrade. Sometime last year, I found out Zach Williams and The Bellow were having […]

Favorite Albums of 2012

Time for the annual list of my favorite albums. Again, notice I said “favorite” and not “best” because this is all just opinions. Anyways, this year had some really great records. I had a lot of trouble narrowing the list down to 10. Here we go: 10. Ctrl – Derek Webb & Nexus – Sola-Mi […]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist

White rapper from Seattle with Irish heritage… Doesn’t sound promising, huh? Well, think again. I’d like for you to meet Macklemore and his producer, Ryan Lewis. They independently released their debut album, The Heist, this year to surprisingly huge fanfare. The album went to number one on iTunes the night it was released. It also […]

Noisetrade – (Legally) Free Music

Here’s the thing. Free music is awesome. Especially because it is really expensive to buy all the good music coming out all the time. And yet, hopefully, you feel somewhat guilty about illegally downloading music. Well, here’s a solution: NoiseTrade. Co-founded by Derek Webb and a team of artist and music industry veterans, NoiseTrade is […]

New Music – September

It always seems like releases that I’m excited about come out in a short period of time. Then there will be many months of no new music. Well, this month happens to be the period of time with lots of exciting new music: September 4th: Matchbox Twenty – North If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy […]