Dark Side of the Moon Day

One day during my junior year of high school I noticed that way more people than usual were wearing DSOTM shirts. Multiple friends and many others had the prism on a black shirt as if we called each other and planned to coordinate this coincidence. From that came the completely made up holiday: Dark Side of the Moon Day.


As a big fan of Pink Floyd, I love this unnecessary holiday. It gives me an excuse to wear my DSOTM shirt and listen to the record on repeat all day. This is one of the few albums that I can do that to. No matter how great an album is, I usually get tired of it a few listens through. There are only two albums that I have to force myself to stop listening to: DSOTM and Abbey Road. The first track coming back around after the last track has almost become part of the album for me. And with DSOTM’s heartbeat at the beginning and end, it makes it pretty easy to just let it play over and over.

Did you know Dark Side of the Moon stayed in Billboard’s top charts for 741 weeks!! From 1973 to 1988. That’s insane. Also, being released in March of 1973, this month marks the 40th anniversary of the release. To this day, the recordings sound so fresh, new, and inventive. I don’t know when or if they will ever sound dated.

Anyways, great album. Made up holiday. Go listen to it. Wait, you don’t have it!? Go click on the above picture and buy it off iTunes. If you’re too cheap to buy it, listen to the whole thing on YouTube right now. You won’t regret it.

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