New Music Tuesday – 2/26/13

This morning I picked up (read: bought off iTunes) three great records (read: digital files). They were so good I thought you might want to know about them:

Amok – Atoms for Peace

This band consists of Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Joey Waronker (Beck). And yes, it’s as great as it sounds. The record, Amok, sounds like Radiohead with funkier bass and synth lines and world percussion thrown in. My favorite track is Judge Jury and Executioner and can be heard below:

A Place at the Table (Soundtrack) – The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett

Being a soundtrack, this has many instrumental tracks. Similar style to the Civil Wars’ debut record but with more instrumentation than normal. T Bone Burnett adds a lot of interesting flavor and dirty country sounds to the soundtrack. Joy and John Paul only sing on a few tracks. That said, this is still an enjoyable listen. Here’s the single, Long Time Gone:

Back Into the Woods – Ed Harcourt

I’ve been a fan of Ed Harcourt since finding his record at a train station in England in 2006. He’s a British musician that isn’t too popular in America but I love what he does. His newest record is a stripped down album that he recorded at Abbey Roads Studio in 6 hours. Most of the tracks are just him on the piano or guitar and singing. It’s a beautiful record, he’s a beautiful pianist, and his voice is gut-wrenching. Here’s a record player playing the title track:

Anyways, get to it. Go support great music and great artists.

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