Netflix’s House of Cards

This weekend I came across a Netflix exclusive show, House of Cards. The entire first season was released on February 1st so all 13 episodes are ready to be watched. Being a political drama, I decided to check out the first episode.

Already halfway through the season, I am really enjoying the show. Kevin Spacey plays a Southern Congressman (Frank Underwood) who’s snubbed by the powers that be and decides to get his revenge on all of them. At the beginning, you like Spacey’s character. By the middle of the season, his character has done some horrible things, have used innocent people for petty gain, and has disgusted you with his treachery. But you still love him and hope for his success. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I have yet to see where they take Underwood in the rest of the series but I’m excited to see if he goes farther down the rabbit hole. Or if his luck turns against him and he has to redeem himself. Or he sits there and watches Washington burn (metaphorically, of course). Either way, I can’t wait to finish the season.

So if you have a Netflix account, I highly recommend logging on and starting this show. Here’s the second trailer if you’re still not sure.

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